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Love’s in the air!

There have never been so many happy couples these days in the Altador Cup!

Isn’t love so sweet?

- Penny

Altador Cup gossip ((oh my god that last one is SO FICTIONAL it's not even funny)) ((THESE TWO NEED TO STOP INVENTING GOSSIP)) ((good thing they didn't say anything about larcy's crush or mirsha's and oten's respective gaynesses))
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    ((XD Yeah, I guess! Like the Altadoranian Sun? 8D And yeah, probably varying opinions, but I would think it’s either...
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    ((Pffft, well I guess it depends on the type of media (some would totally be like Montecito), but I think different...
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    is it crush story time? :0 i had this crush on a girl once, a-and she didn’t like me back. too busy angling for a...
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    Antola, I hope you aren’t the father. That would be really awkward.
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    ((yes, that’s a very precise definition of the whole thing))
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